I want to be a Cosmopolitan Hippy!!!

3 day retreat

August 12-14 2016


Being someone's everything,  takes you away from who you actually are.


Ever want a break from being you?


Time to yourself, an adult conversation, a full nights sleep?

Time away from your business, your kids, the housework?

Ever feel like you need a weekend to hear the sound of your own voice?

To have someone else think about "what's for dinner?"

Do you feel like you need some space to think, to breath, to recover?


Me too.


Every time I catch up with my other mum friends who own a buisness (mumaprenures), I feel restored.

But a few hours isn't enough.

I need more. I need days, 3 of them.



What I wouldn't give for 3 full days to myself.

Do you feel the same way?

Watch me

Who is this for?

Business owner, mother, wife, friend. Everything to everyone. Burnt out, tired, overwhelmed, a little isolated and misunderstood. Sick of keeping everything together. You have friends who you barely see and when you do, the hours go past way to quickly. You dream about a girl's weekend away but can't justify the cost and time of something just for you. But if it was for work...then you might be able to convince yourself.


Sound like you?

When and Where?

For three days, Friday August 12 to Sunday August 14 2016, I have found the MOST awesome house just 5 minutes from the heart of the Melbourne CBD. It’s so Melbourne, this distressed wood, sprawling open plan kitchen and living area, big comfy beds, a beautiful garden and even an open fire to have a few glasses of wine by. I only have room for 12 people.

living room
living room
As a Bonus


Feel like a movie star. This is a chance to recognise how beautiful you are. As women, we downplay how attractive we are and as mums we totally forget that we are even are attractive. But I have invited Jason Malouin, portrait photographer extraordinaire who took my head shot will be there to take your VERY OWN jaw dropping professional headshot.


Remember that you are beautiful.

Beautiful  isn't it?!


He's super fun and won't make you look like this. Unless you want to...


Day One – Friday 12th August – A day in the Big City


Meet in the city for a tour of The Cosmopolitan Hippy Melbourne

Pop up patch at Fed square:

chat about urban gardening with Kyrstie

Rooftop honey


Lunch out – Auction Rooms North Melbourne

Ronsley   finding your authentic voice

Dinner out







Day Two – Saturday 13th August – A day in of pampering


Eco Styling workshop and session with Hannah

from The Clothing Cleanse

Ere Perez Make Overs

Hair and styling

Headshot Photoshoot with Jason

Lunch and dinner in

Vanessa Megan  Facials

Wine and cocktail making class


Day Three – Sunday 14th August – A day of inspiration

Kate  Time Management workshop

Movement and stress workshop with Bridget

Gratitude workshop by Sharanya


and Goodbyes











The price includes:

All meals and drinks, (gluten free, paleo, dairy free) – including wine, cocktails and meals out

Goodie Bag CHOCK full with full size packs of my favourite foods

Special offers from the facilitators

A signed copy of each of my books

Signed copies of a select few of my favoutite health/inspirational books

Transport during the weekend

A digital copy of your headshot to help you become the face of your business

Lifetime membership to a Cosom Hippy support group yo keep you accountable after the event

just to name a few...


The price DOES NOT include:

Transport to and from the weekend


Any questions? Shoot me an email.

and so much more...

featuring some of my favourite brands

Bulk Whole Foods
Bulk Whole Foods
Vanessa Megan Organic Skin Care
Vanessa Megan Organic Skin Care
Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics
Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics
My Clean Eats
My Clean Eats

You + 3

$1,999 pp 

Great if you've got a group of 4 girlfriends who meet up regularly but feel like your time together goes too fast. Share 4 super luxury designer bunks and a shared bathroom (4 spots avalible)

The Besties

$2,495 pp

You and one friend sharing a bed just like the days of teenage sleepovers and girl's weekends, 2 queen sized beds, shared bathroom or if she hogs the covers - 1 shared room, 2 single beds, shared bathroom. (6 spots total)

Alter Ego's

$2,645 pp

Just like the besties, but for those who prefere a little more space. 1 king sized bed and your own ensuite (2 spots avalible)

come away with me

How much do you value time to yourself?

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