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The F Words: Difficult conversations, is a podcast where my guests and I talk about all the things we don't talk about in polite everyday conversations, but should. F-ing important things like the challenges men face when they become a father and why women don't talk about finaces, or fear, or their fannies.

Episode 1 is a conversation with my four year old. After attending We are Podcast in October 2016, my oldest decided she wanted her own podcast. So I let her have episode 1 of my podcast.

It's pretty funny, but I may be bias as I am her mum.

Episode 3 I talk to my friend, Ronsley about what it is like to be in a bad mood (or a funk).
Tons of value in this episode. We get really deep and vunrable in this conversation talking about our struggles with our marriages and... read more

Episode 5 I talk to my friend, Jenny about what it is like to be a fiesty/passionate woman in a male dominated world. And if we are both fiesty females, then is that such a bad thing?
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Episode 7 I talk to my friend, Amber. How many times do you say "I'm fine" ? Amber hates the word "fine" and we talk about why saying "I'm fine" is robbing you of a full and joyful life
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Episode 9 was the most eye opening conversation that taugh me so much about myself. Finally answers to why I push myslef and never feel like I get anywhere. Do you feel like you're never really good enough? Like you must be "doing" all the time? Then this episode is a MUST
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Episode 11 was a conversation I was both terrified and excited to have. Yes, it's all about the vagina. But it's not smutty or dirty in anyway. This conversation was enlightening.
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Episode 13 Angela opened up about what happened to her when all her best laid plans for a successful buisness crumbled in frony of her.
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Episode 15

Evil step mother, does it always have to be so? Read more...

Episode 17. What is it like growing up with domestic violence? And what does it do to your life? And how do you move past it? I asked my friend Katherine about her experience
... read more

Episode 19. Social Media. Massive time waster or important buisness building tool? Hilarious LOL episode
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Episode 21. What is imposter sydrome? What causes it? Can you cure it? Do you want to cure it?
... read more

Episode 23. How are men different to women in relationships and communication?
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Episode 2 is a conversation with Anthill Founder, James Tuckerman. James shares his nail biting story of when he was kidnapped in Morocco and his subsequent escape as well as facing the fear of starting a magazine.

Episode 4 I talk to Michael about his experinece in becoming a father. It's often not a side we hear enough of. Being a mum is tough, as I know, but what about becoming a dad? How does that feel? Listen to this episode where more

Episode 6 I talk to my friend, Leonie about being a woman. But it's not all sex and vaginas and periods (although we do talk about these things), it's about surrendering to the flow of the universe and our feminine energy
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Episode 8 is with Anne, who I have a total girl crush on. Anne is the epitomeof what it means to be a Cosmopolitan Hippy. She has homewares company Elkie and Arc that does not sacrifice quality for sustanability
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Episode 10 I talked to Sean about creating your own freedom. He showed me that freedom can be quiet and subtle.
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Episode 12 was all about money. Some have it, some don't but Susan and I both believe women need to know how to manage their own dough and she gives some great tips on how to do that
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Episode 14 I aimed to deepend my understanding of divorce. My parents are divorced and as life goes on I see many more people around me getting divorced, but what is the real cost of divorce?
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Episode 16, do I really want to talk about Sex Trafficing? No. But can we turn a blind eye to things that are happening just a hope step and a jump away from our own backyard?.
... read more

Episode 18. Friends come and go through out your life, is this ok? And how to deal with it
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Episode 20. Are millennials just an entilted bunch of whingers? Or is there more to this generation than meets the eye?
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Episode 22. Can millenials ever own a house? And how do younge people get ahead finacially in this ever changing and uncertain world?
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Episode 24. What do people say to you when your own boss, a woman and you don't have children? What's it like having an all female workforce?
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