OH CRAP! I forgot to make a salad - potato salad

When you forget you have to bring a plate to a family BBQ and it's too late to pop to the shops on Boxing Day, what do you do?!? Scrape around in the bottom of the fridge for ANYTHING you can find. Luckily I came up with this super quick potato salad. No mayo (because I hate mayo on salads) instead a light lemony dressing.

We don't often eat potatoes, they are rather starchy, but they are a good source of potassium and Lady A and Mr CH love them. So once in a while we have good quality organic potatoes and enjoy them. I'm blaming my baby brain for the slight lapse in organization!

Ingredients 500g of potatoes, diced and boiled 2 onions, caramelised in the thermomix 30min/varoma, speed 1 reverse 1 slice of free range no nasties ham, also crisped up in a pan with some butter 1/2 bunch organic parsley Juice of 1/2 a lemon and plenty of olive oil and salt

Make Me Up Toss everything all together while the potatoes are still warm, so that they can absorb all the flavours.

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