Skinny Girl's are People Too: Love the skin you are in.

I'm not a 100% sure when or where I saw this. But it really got me.

Ever since I can remember, there has been this body battle. Fashion labels parade skeletons down the catwalk, beauty companies retaliate with plus size mums. We see facebook memes of "fit mums" asking us what our "excuse" is. We get told that thigh gap (that's were your thighs don't touch because you have small thighs) is a bad thing, and we should "eat a cupcake".


I'm sick of it all! I'm sick of being told about "real" women and "real" bodies. Um excuse me, but skinny women aren't imaginary. They do exist out side of glossy magazines and fairy tales.

Some women are just naturally skinny.

And that's ok.

Some women are naturally curvy.

And that's ok too.

But let's stop vilifying the skinny girls.

Let's just start loving each other, and ourselves.

As a girl who has been both skinny and fat (others word, not mine), I know both sides of the coin. As a young girl, I didn't know how to eat or move to keep myself healthy. I had to learn. Now I eat what I do because it nourishes me, and I like how it tastes and makes me feel. I walk as much as I can because it gives me time to look at the birds and trees. I take a pilates class once a week because I like to challenge myself and have some time on my own. I don't torture myself because I want to fit in to others definition of beauty.

I will not eat a cupcake or dead lift 100kg unless I WANT TO.

So I will gracefully ignore all the facebook memes that try to make me feel anything about my body, because I don't need it. I love it exactly how it is.

#thinklikeacosmohippy #bodylove #bodyimage #loveyourself #girls #food #exercise #feminism

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