I need a great head shot: Jason Malouin - The Portrait Store.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then in business, a good head shot is worth a thousand dollars. As an entrepreneur, you are you business. A great head shot could mean the difference between you winning over a competitor. A good head shot conveys confidences, stability, trustworthiness and helsp people hget to know you before they have even met you.

When a friend of mine showed me her new head shots one day, I was blown away. Instantly I thought, I must find this guy. As the fates would have it, our paths did cross when we ended up in the same mentor program - KPI.

Jason Malouin

Although it would be a full 2 years until we met in person, I followed Jason on social media and chatted with him over facebook. Turns out, not only is he talented, but he's a really funny and super nice guy - even if he is American.

Jason has taken the headshots of me, my husband, a whole bunch of my friends and even Reece Witherspoon - so you know he's good. We had an awesome talk (which you can listen to here) about what it means to be photographed.

Are men and women are different when they get in front of the camera?

Getting in front of a camera just highlights the differences between the sexes. Jason says men are more worried about looking foolish, while women are more concerned with looking pretty. Doesn't this say volumes about the way women and men act in life in general?

The Cat seeing the Lion

You know those facebook memes where a cat is looking in the mirror and sees the refection of a lion? Jason says that a head shot is similar. He finds that more often that not, he will take a photo of someone that reflects who they want to be, the best version of themselves that they have not even created yet. Powerful connected images that are more you than you are in real life.

Power stance

Jason talked about Amy Cuddy (he couldn't remember her name, but I found her) and her TED talk about your body language. Jason talked about how he uses these principles to help his subjects come out of their shell and create more powerful images.

How do women diminish themselves?

Jason notices that women have a certain way the pose in photos. Head tilted, shoulders up, smirk, turned away from the camera. Although we think this might be flattering, it is a diminutive pose. Cutsey and not at all powerful. We talked about why it is that women feel they need to act this way when in front of a camera.

Jason lives in Brisbane, but since he's my friend (and one of the nicest guys ever) he will be coming down to Melbourne for and EXCLUSIVE photo shoot on Saturday 13th of August as part of my I want to be a Cosmopolitan Hippy 3 day retreat. Included will be one head shot of your very own. This is SERIOUSLY GOOD and an exclusive special one time only for my people kind of a thing.

You'll be in good hands when it comes to photos and Jason, but don't take my word for it, check him out.

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