How do I find more time in my day? Kate Christie - Time Stylers

More time.

It is something everyone, especially working mums want. What if I told you I knew someone who could help you get 30 hours more every month?

Enter Kate Christie, working mum and Time Styler.

Chatting to Kate Christie about why she started her business, she tells a story about how one day, while working as a high powered lawyer, she walked into a board room, late and flustered after running her kids to school. As she looked up from her notes at everyone around her at the boardroom table, she realised that she was the only one without a stay at home wife.

Kate Christie

And that is just it isn't it?

As women, when we choose to go out and have a career, we often forfeit the role of stay at home wife, but are still expected to do it all. Kate and I examine this in our conversation, which you can listen to here. This expectation often leaves us stretch to capacity with little time to ourselves. So ask yourself, what would you do with 30 hours extra a month?

Expectations put on women.

It is us? Our parents? Extended family? Partner? Kids? Society? Perhaps it is all of them. But As women we need to step back and think about our motivators. Kate and I chat about how best we can let go of some of these ideas that are holding us back.

How young is too young to start kids on chores?

My (almost) 4 year old helps around the house and I ask Kate what she thinks about getting really young kids to help out. (Hint: she says it's easier to train a toddler than a teenager.)

How not to waste time

How long does picking up towels take? It's amazing where we loose time and Kate and I talk about a few time saving tricks.

Me Time

Being a successful business woman and mum, Kate has literally written the book on time saving. She's a super cool lady too, after I turned the recording off, she told me a story about how at her son's soccer game she put a fellow parent in his place after she overheard him telling his son "not to be a girl". A feminist after my own heart, she gets how tough it can be to kick ass in a mans world. Kate will be running a workshop on Sunday the 14th of August as part of my I want to be a Cosmopolitan Hippy 3 day retreat. Her session is a styling session of your time, helping you get back 30 hours a month. Just think of all you could do with that time...

Kate is one super awesome lady, so mach sure you check her out before the weekend.

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