The Best Natural Skin Care Brand: Vanessa Megan - Vanessa Megan Certified Organic Skin Care

Well, it's the best natural skin care brand in my opinion anyway. And I've tried a few.

I first discovered Vanessa Megan skin care when I was on holiday in Byron Bay. I stumbled upon Spell, and there among the gypsy skirts and patterns was the most beautiful perfume ever. I haven't worn perfume in years due to the fact it is just a toxic soup that gives me headaches, but I still like to smell nice. So I bough one for me, one for my mum and one for my husband. I snapped a shot on instagram and sent off a review into the internet ether.

Vanessa Megan

A few days later I got a beautiful response from Vanessa Megan saying thank you for the review. We got to chatting and I sent them a copy of my first book. Little did I know it was the start of a beautiful friendship. Not only does Vanessa Megan make the best skin care, but she and her staff are just the nicest people ever. I had the pleasure of chating with Vanessa about her company and life and beauty, you can listen to our conversation here.

The skin is your biggest organ.

Imagine yourself as a tennis ball with a straw through it. You skin and digestive system are basically the same thing, so if you are concerned about what you are eating, you should be concerned about what you are putting onto your biggest organ, you skin. As Vanessa says, you should never put anything on you skin that you are not prepared to eat.

Hormone distruptors in skin care.

Vanessa talks about how she is often surprised at how many people have no idea about what is in their skin care. Her passion is educating people about what toxic chemicals are in their bathroom by getting them to take her bathroom challenge. She says that usually all she has to say is to get rid of anything with mineral oil/petroleum - practically petrol, and a person will only have one, maybe two things left. She also talks about her favorite documentary - The Human Experiment.

Vanessa Megan on beauty.

We also talk about beauty and how Vanessa sees a trend away from airbrushing and facial implants to a more natural beauty. We talk about wanting our girls to grow up seeing different real images of beauty and how that that really starts with us, modeling confident, happy, natural beauty and being happy with the skin we are in.

Consumerism and people power

Vanessa and I are both passionate in educating people and uniting like minded people together to help affect global change. We talk about how much power consumers actually have in shaping the products that are out there. If we all just stand up and say no more, vote with our dollar we believe that we can get the big guys to change.

Vanessa Megan

Vanessa is a true Cosmo Hippy and her brand is one I am proud to work with. She is a feminist, leading the way in natural beauty, aging gracefully and embracing the features we were born with.

Vanessa's products will be a part of my I want to be a Cosmopolitan Hippy 3 day retreat in a super cool facial workshop run by my friend Lindy from The Organic Therapist on Saturday the 13th night (complete with wine by the open fire). There may even be a little gift for attendees to take home too.

Check Vanessa Megan Skin Care out online.

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