How to stream line your wardrobe and become more sustainable: Hannah Grey - The Clothing Cleanse

Staring into the clutter of a thousand pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, you scream "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!"

Sound familiar?

How many times have you looked at your wardrobe and thought "I must sort this out"?

How many times have you pulled out a piece thinking "Why on earth did I buy this? And why the hell do I still have it?"

Some days you just need a stylist. And I know how Kardashian that sounds, but if you think you know what a stylist dies, then you haven't met Hannah Grey from The Clothing Cleanse.

Hannah Grey, The Clothing Cleanse

I've been following Hannah on instagram for a while, I love her clean photos, lots of white. And I love fashion and so does she. But there's something different about what Hannah does. She doesn't buy fashion magazines, she doesn't follow the trends and she doesn't make you throw out all of your clothes.

So what does she do? We had the best conversation about what Hannah does, which you can listen to here. She is a true Cosmopolitan Hippy and so much fun.

What do my clothes say about me?

I have always said that your clothes are an expression of who you are. Hannah and I talked about how you can be corporate and appropriate. And how important it is as an entrepreneur to be authentic and true to who you are, and what you wear is part of your personal brand. Don't change what you love to wear just because you work in a high powered business world, just tweek it. We also talked about how damaging it can be to be inauthentic with your brand using Gorman as an example.

Eco Brands of clothing.

Something I have become more conscious of in recent times is where my clothes are coming from. Who made them? What chemicals were used? What is it made of? Hannah and I chat about all of these things and about a few of our favorite brands and some brands who look good from the outside but are guilty of greenwashing. (cough cough Gorman we're looking at you!) Hannah also mentioned one of her favorite documentaries, The True Cost that addresses all these issues.

How do I sort out my wardrobe?

Hannah has a very specific process which she talks about in detail, but a few tips she shared were having things mended and the Spark Joy method - holding an item to your heart and if you feel no joy, get rid of it!

Where do I donate my old clothes?

Hannah recommends sorting clothes into piles and donating rags to The Brotherhood of Saint Laurence and corporate clothes to charities such as Dress for Success.

Hannah Grey

So much value in this interview, if you have any inclination to tidy your wardrobe, you NEED Hannah. I have already started to cull my clothes using the tips she gave in this interview and I cannot wait to have my own Clothing Cleanse and have Hannah show me how I can utilise what I have more.

As you can tell, I am beyond excited to have this fabulous Cosmopolitan Hippy sharing her knowlege in a workshop on Saturday 13th of August as part of my I want to be a Cosmopolitan Hippy 3 day retreat. Not only will it be informative, but Hannah will help style everyone for their head shots.

In the meantime, go soak us some of Hannah's awesomeness.

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