Being an Entrepreneur mum raising girls: Mandy Riordan - My Clean Eats.

It is a hard job being a mum. It is even harder when you are a mum, raising strong girls while trying to run a thriving business.

Many Riordan doesn't pretend to have it all together, in fact there are days that when everything falls apart and she will freely share this information with her 10,000 facebook followers. And this is why I love her so much. She is so real. Granted, she is one of my dearest friends, which is probably why the conversation we had flowed so well,

Mandy Riordan

It's funny how we met. We started following each other on instagram and when I moved from Darwin to Ballarat, she and 2 others I also met on instagram, all met up for drinks. What has resulted is a friendship not unlike the girls from Sex and the City - except we all have kids, own businesses and meet on facebook messenger instead of fancy coffee shops and cool clubs.

Mandy is the founder of My Clean Eats and makes the most delicious granola, but we when we chatted, we didn't talk about granola. We talked about business, about being a mum, about being a woman and about raising girls. You can listen to our whole conversation here.

Females in business,

Mandy was a corporate high flyer for years before she became a mum and entrepreneur. She recalls how she had to put on a persona and was told to change the way she dresses and acts to be taken seriously in the corporate environment. It is something that I relate to as well as I remember being told to give up my red lipstick (as if!) in order to be less provocative.

Mum's in business.

I often talk of the identity crisis I and other women feel when they become a mum. It's difficult to do it all (in fact we did the interview at my kitchen table and you can hear my youngest, my dog and the washing machine in the background). Mandy and I talk about how challenging it can be going from business person to mum.

The catch 22 of being a strong woman.

As women we are expected to be humble, but fierce, attractive but not too sexy. If we are strong, we are called abrasive, if we stand up for ourselves, we are called aggressive. In a world where we are harder on ourselves than others are on us, do we need all of this crap from the outside too?

Raising strong girls.

There has never been a better time to be raising strong girls (Mandy and I have daughters the same age who are friends). We talk about how difficult it can be to rein in our girls while still helping them to become the next wave of feminists.

My Clean Eats

If you have ever felt even a tinge of mummy guilt, then you need to listen to this interview. Mandy and I are just like you. We might look super successful from the outside, but we are all the same. Same struggles, same wins, same life.

As I said, I love Mandy's products and she will be providing gra -Nola (so named because her almost 4 year old calls it 'nola') fas part of my I want to be a Cosmopolitan Hippy 3 day retreat. Plus there might be a little for attendees to take home too.

Make sure you check out all her goodness online, she has great recipes and by joining her mailing list, you'll be privy to tons of special offers.

My Clean Eats Granola Ballarat Victoria

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