Beautiful Natural Make Up - 5 minutes with Ere Perez

I love wearing make up, but when I found out was is actually IN make up - I thought twice about putting it on my skin.

It was about 6 years ago I discovered Ere Perez Cosmetics while reading an in-flight magazine. It was then I transitioned to using only her cosmetics. I am lucky enough now to know the team at Ere Perez (and have had a few make up tips from the Lady herself) and work with them helping spread the word about beautiful natiral make up.

Recently I sat down for 5 minutes with Ere and chatted about beauty.

The Cosmopolitan Hippy and Ere Perez

Tell us a little bit about Ere Perez Natural cosmetics. What made you decide to start?

I was born in Mexico into a long-standing family legacy of natural therapies and science. I studied nutrition and natural therapies, which is where my passion comes for nature, wellbeing and skin care. I recognise the importance of leading not only a healthy lifestyle, but an environmentally conscious lifestyle too and believe they greatly complement each other, as I try to prove in our cosmetics.

What are the challenges of having children and a thriving business? How do you manage them both?

Sleep!!!! I call it positive stress, too many good things at the same time, meaning you only give your time to want really matters

What does beauty mean to you?

Being the best version of yourself! Inside out beauty first with good food, positive and thoughts, feelings with passion , a smile and to finish great makeup :)

What does "having it all" mean for you?

Health, good laugh , and love from your family and friends

If you could give your 20 year old self any advice, what would it be?

Listen more than talk , people that has been there will tell you advise because they love you. we have two ears and one mouth to listen double than we talk.

Ere Perez make up is the make up I chose to make the attendees of my I want to be a Cosmopolitan Hippy retreat up for their head shots. It's also the make up I use, even for my photo shoots.

Leandrta Brady-Walker

I don't wear a lot of make up, but my Ere Perez make up choices, used to create the look above are:

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