#Father: The difficulties of becoming a father with Michael Bromley.



  • a man who has begotten a child

He became a father when he was 30.

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Episode 4 of The F Words: Difficult conversations with Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is #Father: The difficulties of becoming a father with Michael Bromley.

Micheal Bromley is a successful lawyer, but nothing could prepare him for the biggest challenge of his life, becoming a father.

Now with with his own head hunting company, Micheal has the unique challenges of being an entrepreneur and a father, something that many of his friends haven't experienced. Micheal really opens up in the episode, revealing the struggles of balancing his pre-children life and post-children life and how that affected his mental wellbeing.


What we talk about in this episode:

  • Michael's top tips for being the best parent you can be

  • Letting go and embracing a new life and version of yourself

  • How he bonded with his daughter

  • Struggling to connect with his daughter

  • How hard it is to be real and honest

Some of my favourite things Micheal said:

Family and putting your life in perspective

"I think family brings the biggest swings...it amplifies the lows as well as the highs"

"I think everyone's going through the same stuff...once you know that everyone is going through the same thing, it's kind of liberating"

One Small Step:

Don'y Judge yourself and be happy in yourself and your abilities as a father.

And your super power would be....

I'd want to be able to heal, not just physical but emotional too.

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