#Funk: I'm feeling sad and I don't know why: Dealing with the entrepreneur roller coaster wi



  • a state of great fear or panic

  • a depressed mood or state of mind

  • a sad or worried state

"I need to get drunk to get out of this funk"

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Episode 3 of The F Words Podcast with Dr Leandra Brady-Walker (Chiro) is #Funk: I'm feeling sad and I don't know why: Dealing with the entrepreneur roller coaster with Ronsley Vaz.

Ronsley Vaz has always been an entrepreneur, he just didn't know it until he started his own restaurant 6 years ago, and then it crashed and burned.

That sort of failure changes you. It makes you hungry and a little fearless and a little reckless. because you've already stared defeat in the face. It was this that called Ronsley to start the KPI program (and how we met). Fast forward 3 years and not only are Ronsley and I good friends (he is Miss E's Godfather), but Ronsley has built Australia's first audio marketing agency, Amplify wrote a book, Amplify - the book, started 2 of his own very successful podcasts - Bond Appetit and Should I start a Podcast? and created the southern hemispheres biggest podcasting conference, We Are Podcast.

But is it all enough?


What we talk about in this episode:

  • External Validation

  • Gratitude

  • About never being satisfied with our success

  • The difficulties with feeling content

  • Masculine and feminine ways of dealing with feelings

Some of my favourite things Ronsley said:

Success changes you

"I am constantly worried that success will get to me...and it will make me weak"

The challenges of Marriage

"When I got married, the hardest thing for me was to be seen falling off my white horse"

One Small Step:

  1. Guard the people around you and the conversations you have

  2. Challenge your current beliefs on a regular basis

And your super power would be....

I already have one and it is resilience and back up plans for my back up plans.

Where to find Ronsley Vaz

Get Ronsley's Book Amplify Website We Are Podcast Conference Should I Start a Podcast?

Bond Appetit Podcast Facebook

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