#Feisty: Mastering you passion in a male dominated world with Jenny Vandyke.


adjective informal

  • Excitable, spirited (can sometimes mean irritable or easy to anger)

  • From the german 'fist' which means a small, aggressive and lively dog

"She's a feisty little godess" "That feisty bitch just bit me"

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Episode 5 of The F Words: Difficult conversations with Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is #Feisty: Mastering you passion in a male dominated world with Jenny Vandyke.

Jenny is the managing director at Startup Adelaide and the author of The Innovation Recipe. Jenny is on a mission to help South Australia to pivot from the industrial age to the entrepreneurial age.

Having spent a large chunk of her career in the corporate sector, Jenny understands the catch 22 of being a woman in a male dominated field: should you show your passion to help you get ahead and risk pissing people off? Or stay quiet and risk blending into the background?


What we talk about in this episode:

  • Showing your passion allows for deeper connections

  • The double standard of men and women showing passion in the workforce

  • Do women make better entrepreneurs than men because of their capability to show vulnerability?

  • What we as feisty women in business have observed

  • How Jenny dealt with being a passionate young woman in the corporate environment

  • How women diminish their behaviour

  • Australians and Tall Poppy Syndrome

  • Why Adelaide?

Some of my favourite things Jenny said:

"I remember quite vividly being told, "no one wants to hear from you""

One Small Step:

Find what you are passionate about (check out Jenny's 1 minute why cheat sheet to find your passion). BUT don't expect it to come all in one hit, it might take a while and that's ok.

And your super power would be....

Helping other people to translate their complex problems and ideas into simple ones that they can communicate to a wide audience.


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