#Fine: How you're selling yourself short by saying "I'm Fine" with Amber Hawken.


adverb informal

  • in a satisfactory or pleasing manner; very well.

  • Freaked out. Insecure. Neurotic. Emotional. (F.I.N.E)

  • Not fine.

"How are you? Oh I'm fine"

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Episode 7 of The F Words: Difficult conversations with Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is #Fine: How you're selling yourself short by saying "I'm Fine" with Amber Hawken.

Sometimes I just pick people who I like talking to for my podcast episodes. Amber is like that. She's fun and cool to talk to. So why not chat to her? I didn't realise how smart and insightful she is. She's always had a fanatical obsession with wanting to understand life. Amber wants to experience things and push boundaries, kinda like me and exactly what The F Words Podcast is about.

Listen and feel the energy of this episode.


What we talk about in this episode:

  • Why Amber HATES the word fine

  • Amber talks about the most difficult period of her life and how it changed her and the path of her life

  • Why people are scared of feeling things

  • How important it is to experience all emotions

  • Helping children understand emotions

  • The difference between saying "I'm fine" and "and that's ok"

  • Why going through the hard times can be the making of you

  • The ego and perfection

  • Thoughts, beliefs systems and conditioning

  • Amber's easy trick for mediation

One Small Step:

Be ok with not being ok. Realise that if you try to numb the not ok parts of life, you will be missing out on the most incredible parts.

And your super power would be....

To be able to teleport because I love traveling.


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