Recipe: Paleo Good Fat Gut Loving Mango Mousse

I love anything with gelatin. Lollies, puddings, marshmallows, jelly. But every time I have tried to make a mousse, it sets hard, like a child's bouncy ball toy. Not fluffy at all.

But I did not, could not give up.

Instead I tried again with mango. I have to say, that living down south in Ballarat, the mango's are not nearly as delicious or plentiful as they were when I lived in Darwin. As such, I have added sweetener to this mousse but I know that if I were still up top in the midst of mango madness season, I would not have needed the maple syrup so I suggest you taste your mixture before you add any sweetener.

I think the trick lies in cooling the whole mixture down to just before setting point before you attempt to whip it. This requires skill. Or a timer set on your iphone.

**NB forgive me crappy picture, I just wanted to eat the damn thing and then get the recipe up so you could all make it ASAP***

Paleo good fat gut loving mango mousse

Paleo Good Fat Gut loving Mango Mousse


270g (about 1 cup) thin coconut cream or milk (I used a pack of the Kan Tong Coconut cream, it's 100% coconut and comes in pouch)

1 large mango, seed and skin removed (about 1-1 1/2 cups mango flesh)

2 tablespoons grass fed gelatin (I use the Great Lakes Gelatin - the red one)

Maple Syrup to taste (I used a tablespoon)

Equipment Essentials

Thermomix (Butterfly attachment too)

Blender AND electric beaters AND saucepan AND glass bowl

Make Me Up

Non Thermomix version.

In the bowl of your blender add all of your ingredients and blizt together to form a smooth liquid. Pour the liquid into your saucepan and heat over medium, stirring continuously until the gelatin has dissolved, about 3-4 minutes. Pour the warm mixture into a glass bowl and place in the fridge until the whole mixture has cooled, but keep an eye on it and grab it before it sets completely. 10 minutes should do it. Once the mango and coconut mixture in cooled, use your electric beaters to whip it. Keep whipping until the mixture is light and fluffy. Place the mousse back in the fridge to set for 4-6 hours, or overnight.

Thermomix version

Place all of your ingredients into the thermomix bowl and blitz on speed 6 for 30sec. Then heat the mixture 3min/speed 2/100deg until the gelatin in dissolved. Place your thermomix bowl into the fridge to allow your mixture to cool. This may take a while as the bowl is insulated. But don't get too cocky or the mousse will set as a pudding instead, in the bowl. About 20 minutes should do it. Now place your butterfly attachment into the thermomix bowl and whip speed 4 for 15min.

Once whiped and fluffy, pour the mixture into a bowl, cover and set in the fridge overnight or at least 4 hours.

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