#Fabric: Consumer beware: the ugly side of the textile industry with Anne Foster.



  • cloth produced by weaving or knitting textile fibres.

"they weave cotton into the finest fabric"

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Episode 8 of The F Words: Difficult conversations with Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is #Fabric: Consumer beware: the ugly side of the textile industry with Anne Foster.

Anne is a mum and founder of luxury ethical home wares brand, Elkie and Arc. We met at Wellness woman 2016 where we were both speaking and hit it off instantly. Anne is the epitome of Cosmopolitan Hippy. She started Elkie and Arc because she didn’t want to compromise on having beautiful things, but she also didn’t want to contribute to mass consumerism, devastating the planet or taking advantage of the people overseas who make most of our textiles.

Total girl crush with this guest. Anne is down to earth and real. She shares freely of her knowledge and is an inspiration for us all to do just a little bit better.


What we talk about in this episode:

  • What Australian Made actually means

  • How major fashion houses like Zara and H&M produce their garments

  • What fashion houses can do to help

  • How difficult it is for big fashion houses to be ethical and sustainable

  • The balance between fashion houses supporting

  • The differences between bamboo, organic cotton, non organic cotton and flax

  • Farming of textile crops

  • Chemicals used to treat textiles - especially bamboo

  • The education and support that is given to organic farmers

  • Where your money is going every time you buy from ethical, sustainable and organic companies

  • The lifelong and terminal issues that are caused to children in villages by farming in the developed world

  • What green washing and fair washing are

  • The difficult conversations Anne has had to have to ensure a truly ethical product

  • The trafficking of girls involved in the textile industry

  • Being aware of the amount of people who are involved with making your clothes and textiles

  • What fairtrade means for farmers and communities

  • Fairtrade vs direct trade and how it differs between products like cotton and coffee

  • How you can support brands that do the right things

  • The trade model of supporting the textile industry

  • On Child Labor

Anne's message to brands

"Don't hide people away because they don't fit your marketing story"

"My business is not about charity, it's about fundamental human rights"

"When people don't have alternatives, then it is easy to take advantage of them"

One Small Step:

  • Feel that you can write to companies and ask questions of them.

  • Take that little bit of extra time to find a brand that is doing things ethically and sustainably and see if you can support them and then give them feedback on their products

  • Stop buying so much stuff

And your super power would be....

Time travel! With the caveat that I couldn't change the future by anything I would do when I am in the past.


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