#Finance: Money Monster: how women can tame the fiscal beast with Susan Bryant.



  • money or other liquid resources of a government, business, group, or individual

"The Library closed due to lack of finance"

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Episode 12 of The F Words: Difficult conversations with Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is #Finance: Money Monster: how women can tame the fiscal beast with Susan Bryant.

After reading an article in the paper one day about "the new poor people" that talked about how older women are left destitute once their husbands died or they got divorced, I started to think a bit more seriously about money.

So we started to teach our daughter about saving up for something she wanted to buy. I shared a photo on instgram of her savings chart, where she would get $1 every time she did a chore, colour in a square and track how close she was to buying herself a music box. Susan commented on the photo saying how awesome it was teaching our little girl how to save, but that were were teaching her to spend everything she saved.

I knew that this was one smart lady who I needed to talk to to learn more about money. So here is our super informative conversation about all things women and money.


What we talk about in this episode:

  • How Susan got into finance

  • Finance is still a man's game

  • The narrative around young women and money

  • The conversations we have with young women about money

  • The masculine energy around finances and money

  • Money and power

  • Sexually transmitted debt

  • Educating yourself about the money in your household

  • What it was like for women working in the 1960's and what they are facing now

  • What happens when the husband who takes care of the money disappears

  • Compound interest

  • What young women can do now to help secure their financial freedom

  • The mathematics about saving with compound interest and superannuation

  • About putting more away into superannuation

  • The decisions women make that can disadvantage them financially

  • About women asking for what they want

  • The Gender Pay Gap and how employers get around it

  • Budgets and the internet tools available

  • Getting control over your finances

  • Where women can go for help with their money

  • The things that conspire against women's financial independence

  • How much you should be saving

  • Susan's tips on how to get out of debt

On women and money

"If you are a young woman you've got the opportunity...to avoid becoming a poor old lady. The younger you are the more powerful it is. It's call compound interest...the only free gift in the financial world"

"I still think that there is a narrative amongst a lot of young women that they don't have to be serious about money because they will be in a partnership and it will be ok."

"I see women that have either been divorced or widowed and they have got no clue...and that makes them extremely vulnerable...there's always someone willing to take advantage of that"

One Small Step:

Pay yourself fist and starts saving small whatever you can, whenever you can, whenever you can.

And your super power would be....

To see inside people, what their soul is like.


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