#Freight: Human Cargo: Sex Trafficking in Cambodia with Nicky Mih.



  • transport (goods) in bulk by truck, train, ship, or aircraft.

  • be laden or burdened with.

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Episode 16 of The F Words: Difficult conversations with Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is #Freight: Human Cargo: Sex Trafficking in Cambodia with Nicky Mih.

So congratulations if you get to the end of this podcast, because it's tough. You will be rewarded with a big fat rant from me at the end.

The title is pretty self explanatory, Nicky and I talk about Sex Trafficking. It happens and it happens in the poorest countries in the world and it happens to girls because they have no other choices. Nicky wanted to work with rescued girls but out of the 200 rescued girls she spoke to, not one wanted help, instead, they wanted her to help the girls who would be trafficked because they had been saved and the sex traffickers would be looking to replace them.

So, Nicky started FreeToShine.org to empower girls with an education and prevent sex trafficking.


What we talk about in this episode:

  • What is sex trafficking

  • The history of Cambodia that has lead to an environment where sex trafficking can occur

  • The gender inequality present in Cambodia

  • The level of poverty present in Cambodia

  • What living and education costs in Cambodia

  • How sex traffickers target families

  • The power of choice

  • Where sex trafficking happens

  • Where the line is between what we as privileged developed world views and the real world of the developing world

  • About my upbringing

  • The decisions that parents in the developing world have to make out of poverty

  • Helping families stay together

  • Why developing nations (particularly Cambodia) don';t have the government support like we do in Australia

  • Why paying tax is important

  • The difference between countries like ours with services and countries like Cambodia

  • What we can do - simple steps

  • The difference between awareness and action

Why does Sex Trafficking happen?

"Men are like gold and women are like white cloth"

"You've got these needs, basic human needs that are competing on this tiny amount of money."

"Sex Traffickers make 41 BILLION DOLLARS the rest of the world contributes less than 0.01% of that to help stop it"

"We can't turn a blind eye when any child is being raped and tortured 20 times a day"

"Get girl's into schools and then they won't get trafficked"

One Small Step:

Step 1: Learn about the issues

Step 2: Advocate

Support brands that don't exploit people

And your super power would be....

To Fly. I've actually started to learn to fly a plane.


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