#Feelings: Working through your s**t: Growing up with domestic violence with Katherine Maslen.



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  • strong emotion

  • an idea or belief

  • a sensitivity to or intuitive understanding of

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Episode 17 of The F Words: Difficult conversations with Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is #Feelings: Working through your s**t: Growing up with domestic violence with Katherine Maslen.

Katherine is like me. She's a naturopath and is into food and natural health, our daughter are the same age, we're both authors and speakers, but there's one glaring difference between us. Katherine grew up with an abusive father. Growing up in a home with domestic violence, Katherine has seen first hand how difficult it can be for someone to leave an abusive relationship so she decided to help by a. telling her story and b. signing up for Dancing with the CEO's.

We have a really good conversation about what it was like growing up with domestic violence and the work Katherine has done to get where she is today. Take a listen.


What we talk about in this episode:

  • Why the issue of domestic violence is important to Katherine

  • Domestic Violence, why women stay

  • Katherine's story

  • Why Katherine got involved with Dancing CEO's

  • What life looked like growing up with domestic violence

  • About Katherine's family

  • What I thought about 50 Shades Darker

  • Emotional intelligence

  • The connection between mental health issues and domestic violence

  • The way men communicate

  • Who we hang around with

  • How Australians deal with emotions

  • Why it's a good think to mess your kids up just a little bit

  • What Free Range chickens and eggs and labeling have to do with awareness

DONATE to Katherine's Dancing with the CEO's fund

On trauma.

"Our Trauma and our story is what makes us strong"

One Small Step:


Listen to your inner voice and ask yourself if you have a toxic relationship with yourself.

And then observe if you have behaviors that don't serve you.

And your super power would be....



Soften the F**k up campaign

Where to find Katherine




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