#Facebook: Let's be friends! Building relationships on social media with Kate Toon.



  • the brand name of a social media service and website, launched in 2004.


  • to communicate with (a person) or search for information about (a person) by using Facebook

"My old boyfriend just Facebooked me."

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Episode 19 of The F Words: Difficult conversations with Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is #Facebook: Let's be friends! Building relationships on social media with Kate Toon.

Have you ever decided to be friends with someone because you like their dress and accent?

Kate Toon and I met at We are Podcast 2016. She was wearing an 50's style dress and handed out cookies so obviously I knew we should be friends.

Kate has built a really successful business on Facebook and she spends a lot of time on Facebook, so she knows A LOT of stuff about the platform. So we sit down and chat Facebook, dog voices and photo shoots. LOTS of laughs and some really deep thoughts too. Love this episode.


What we talk about in this episode:

  • What our dogs voices sound like

  • What the rooms we are recording look like

  • Typewriters

  • Me leaving my laptop everywhere

  • What I use Facebook for

  • How Kate uses Facebook

  • About Facebook groups

  • Why you can't build a business solely on Facebook

  • What Facebook likes

  • Feed blockers

  • Kate's book

  • Authenticity on Facebook

  • Facebook for business

  • Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur

  • How Kate picked her photo for her book cover

  • How I pick my cover photos

  • Being real

  • The power of people and public shaming

  • The episode I had to take down

  • What we have learnt in our Facebook groups

  • The difference between having judgments and being judgmental

  • FOLLOW Ester the Wonder Pig


Making friends on Facebook.

"Who wants to have a life when I can be on Facebook?"

"Of all the social media platforms, Facebook is the most casual"

"To be successful you try really really really hard and you try thing and you fail and you turn up and you be consistent"

One Small Step:

Spend an hour or so deleting things from your Facebook feed that don't serve you, cull groups, friends, unfollow and replace it with things like Ester the Wonder Pig.

And your super power would be....

Go back in time. As a Bloke.


What Kate's dog sounds like - Ray Winstone Sexy Beast

Facebook Feedblocker

Publicly Shamed Book

Where to find Kate

Get Kate's Book



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