#Fief: Question everything, make money, do what you love with Marty Vids.



  • Law historical an estate of land, especially one held on condition of feudal service; a fee.

  • a person's sphere of operation or control.

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Episode 22 of The F Words: Difficult conversations with Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is #Fief: Question everything, make money, do what you love with Marty Vids.

Marty has been many things, bread seller, banker and stand up comedian, and now he helps people create their own financial freedom which includes accumulating property. Which is why he embodies the word, feif.

Being a millennial, I was very interested to hear what Marty had to say about how millennial can get their money in order so they can follow their heart and pursue all the experiences they want to have.


What we talk about in this episode:

  • Millenial Money mindset and how that differs from other generations

  • How Marty learnt about money

  • Adjusting the Australian dream

  • What are the top investors doing?

  • Marty's prediction for the future of life and work

  • About traveling and working

  • Belief systems around money

  • What I learnt about money and value while practicing as a Chiropractor

  • Making plans for your future

  • On getting older

  • On freedom funds

  • Finding good investment opportunities


On pursuing money

"The pursuit of money is thankless and aimless and really void of any emotion...it's really about doing what you love "

"Concentrate on being the best you can be where ever you are"

One Small Step:

Sit down with paper and coloured paper and start drawing what matters to you. Just create. Then ask yourself the question, "realistically, what can I implement now?" And then be your own hyper critic and ask "What are my non negotiable? What are the 3-4 foundations I can build my life on?"

And then ask: "What is the next step?" and give yourself a deadline.

And your super power would be....

To Fly.


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