#Fellow: Blokes in love: Gender roles, emotions and evolution with Rodney Owen.


noun informal

  • a man or boy

  • a person in the same position, involved in the same activity, or otherwise associated with another.


  • sharing a particular activity, quality, or condition with someone or something.

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Episode 23 of The F Words: Difficult conversations with Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is #Fellow: Blokes in love: Gender roles, emotions and evolution with Rodney Owen.

Rodney is a bloke who almost died from swine flu. That was wake up call enough for him to found Bloke Support counseling men in all facets of life.

We chat about what it means to be a man.


What we talk about in this episode:

  • The different ways men and women are wired

  • Evolution vs society

  • How to talk to men

  • Men and their identity

  • Why we get married -now and then

  • The things couples disagree on

  • Reality and expectations in relationships

  • Hugh Jackman

  • What "a man" looks like

  • Domestic Violence

  • How people use anger


On thinking

"Logic is not enough. We need emotions to make decisions."

One Small Step:

Learn how to communicate. It's a skill we aren't taught. The reasons people fight is more about the fact we can't communicate properly.

And your super power would be....

To Stop Time.


Elizabeth Gilbert - Committed

Inside Out Movie

Where to find Rodney

Rodney's Podcast



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