image courtesy of KPI

image courtesy of KPI


"Leandra is an inspirational, knowledgeable and engaging speaker. She brings with her a wealth of experience from, not only her professional work, but from her personal philosophy, way of life and education. She speaks with a passion that makes it easy to be fully immersed in the subject she is delivering. I have personally attended workshops, talks and practical demonstrations delivered by Leandra both as a chiropractor and in her capacity as “guru” of healthy (yet easy) approach to food, lifestyle and wellbeing." ~ Carla Co-Ordinator ENCORE breast cancer program Darwin NT

Anyone who knows me, know I love to talk. And what really gets me going is topics like:

  • What it means to be healthy

  • Modern feminism

  • Healthy delicious food

  • Women "having it all"

  • The work-life balance myth


And a whole heap more. Check out my speakers kit for my specific topics.


but if there is something you think I maight have a fresh insight on that you want me to speak to your group about, then drop me a line so we can chat about it.





I'm not new to the stage. People I've worked with:

  • ENCORE Breast cancer program NT

  • Autism NT

  • Key Person of Influence Program

  • Plus my own events