How to make a Paleo Unicorn Birthday Cake

Have you seen those super cute unicorn cakes making the rounds of the internet?

Paleo Unicorn Birthday Cake

They are super "on trend" (something I am not). But when Lady A turned 4 and wanted a rainbow princess unicorn birthday party, I though that these unicorn cakes looked pretty simple to knock up. And I was right.

Only problem was, she wanted a rainbow cake like this:

Sorry baby cakes, but there is no way I would be letting any child of mine anywhere near this chemical cocktail of crap.

But, I was determined to make her dream came true.

First up, the cake.

The Cake

6 layers of no refined sugar, grain free, gluten free, no artificial colouring whole foods rainbow cake.

Piece of cake right?

First off I sourced good food colourings from sistermixin.

And then I got to work baking.

This is the recipe I used. The recipe will make 2 layers of cake. So you will need to make it 3 times to make the 6 layers you need for this cake.

Once you have made the batter. Divide it into 2 separate bowls and add your food dyes. They are thick and don't have droppers, so just pour a little in and mix it up until you get the desired colour.

**TIP** The Cherry Red came out blue for me. So use it for the blue layer and then use the pink for the red layer. All the other colours came out ok.

Then put each coloured batter in a separate lined 18cm cake tins and bake. They won't take long - check them at about 15min. And they will be thin. There will be 6 of them (6!!) so the cake will be high and you will only need a small slice. I think we got about 40 slices from our cake.

***NOTE*** These are natural colours and when you add heat and bicarb and other chemical reactions, the colour will change. So you will never get the lurid brightness of the fake colours. Expect various shades of brown and yellow. But in all honesty, the kids didn't mind a bit. They were just super stoked about the layers and the height and the fact that there even were layers.

The Cream

A colourful cake needs white icing. Pure white is a tough gig to achieve when you only use unrefined ingredients. I made this cashew cream that I have used before on cakes with great success like my hummingbird cake.

Once you make the cashew cream, you can start assembling your cake, I used a glass cake stand and placed the "purple" layer on first, you may need to cut a little off the top of the cake layers to make sure they sit flat on top of each other. I didn't bother and as a result my cake was a little;e lopsided and higher in the middle. I choose to believe it added to the homemade charm of it.

Once you have sandwiched all the cakes together, use a spatual or palette knife to smooth the icing all around the outside of the cake.

See? It's not very white is it? Enter...

The Marshmallow Icing

I remember my mum used to ice Christmas cakes in marshmallow icing instead of marzipan and when I was nutting out the white icing problem with my friends, one of them suggested a marshmallow too. So that's what I did.

I used this recipe, which is SO SIMPLE and then just slapped it on the cake with a spatula as quickly as I could before it set. It's quiet ok if you make it a bit rough, I like to think it make the unicorn look fluffy.

You want to place the decorations on fairly soon after you put the icing on before it sets. Leaving it too long will allow the gelatin to set and will make pushing in the decorations more difficult and will ruin the effect if your fingers get stuck to it.

The Decorations

Now to make a round white cake into a unicorn!

The Horn - I used silver sparkly cardboard and I used a party hat, that I turned into a unicorn horn, as a template. Just cut it out, rolled it into a horn shape and secured it with a staple.

The Ears - Using the same sparkly silver cardboard, I just roughly cut out ear shapes. I could have googled them or used a toy as a template...but I just winged it and it was fine. To make them more 3D and to help them stand up on the cake, I used a staple vertically at the base.

The Mane - Fresh pink flowers from my mother in laws garden that I washed and dried very carefully served as the pretty pink mane.

The Eyes - Ok so here I didn't have much of a choice, I used licorice, and not even the good kind! It's just cheap stuff from the supermarket. I told everyone it was plastic so no one ate it and I threw it away after the party. Hey, I'm not perfect, and I figured I had done so good replacing everything else that this would be ok.

And Volia!!

How to make a Paleo Unicorn Cake

And how did it taste?

Well...let's just say that a few people said it was the best cake they have ever had. And the birthday girl?

I think she was pretty happy with it too.

How to make a paleo unicorn cake

Love cake? Have you checked out my paleo cake e-cookbook? Get the recipes for a lamington cake, a humming bird cake and a double chocolate cake, complete with icings and decoration tips here.

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