#Fallingout: Breaking up is hard to do: the emotional cost of divorce with Clarissa Rayward.

falling out


  • a quarrel or disagreement

"the two of them had a falling-out"

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Episode 14 of The F Words: Difficult conversations with Dr Leandra Brady-Walker is #Fallingout: Breaking up is hard to do: the emotional cost of divorce with Clarissa Rayward.

I am a child of divorce, so I guess it's natural that I don't think much about divorce. It's something I see as just a part of life. But While I was scrolling through Facebook one day, I realised how many people I went to high school with, people in their early 30's, married for less that 10 years, are already part of the staggering 48, 517 divorces every year. In the year 2015, almost 50% of all marriages ended up in divorce.

But why?

So I thought I would explore the idea of divorce with The Happy Family Lawyer, Clarrisa Rayward.


What we talk about in this episode:

  • Why people get divorced

  • How we enter into marriage

  • The difference between marriage and a wedding

  • Things to think of before you get married

  • The nuts and bolts of divorce

  • Legal vs emotional end to the marriage

  • How Clarissa got into law

  • How law differs from the versions in the media

  • How marriage changes after kids

  • Why Clarissa is The Happy Family Lawyer

  • Doing things that you love

  • What you can do before entering into a marriage

  • The importance of connection and communication within a marriage

  • The media and fairytales and their roles in creating our views of marriage

  • Social stereotypes when it comes to divorce

  • Support systems during divorce

  • How we as parents can prepare our children for conflict

On marriage, relationships and divorce.

"For many of us, time changes us."

"I think we don't realise how significant marriage is."

"At the core of it, divorce is heartbreak...There's no more significant grief event that you could be going through "

One Small Step:

Slow Down. You don't have to make decisions quickly and you don't have to change things overnight.

And your super power would be....

To Fly. It would be so helpful. If you could just pick people up and just zip around, up in the air.


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